Through Guy’s Eyes – Those who have nurtured their soil

We know that we’ve made an impact on hundreds of organisations; building more focus, better cohesion amongst their staff, boosting output and ultimately contributing to greater profitability. But it’s always great to hear, from our clients themselves, just how much value they’ve experienced thanks to our interventions.

Here’s what some of the companies we’ve worked with have to say:

Deloitte Consulting Blueprint for Success Financial Performance

“Blueprints is simply the best mechanism we have ever used to help us drive a high performance culture in our business. I can see a direct correlation between the Blueprints scores and the financial performance of the business. We have such faith in the process that we have incorporated the methodology into the Deloitte suite of offerings” Louis Geeringh, CEO Deloitte

“The Blueprints formula was THE best thing I ever did for my business. What started out as a process to make our mission, vision and values come alive….moved along a path that seems to have no end in sight.” Terry Volkwyn, CEO Primedia Broadcasting

Aligning FedEx around their Blueprint for success

“Finally, someone has come up with a simple and straightforward approach to: aligning (or re-aligning) a large organisation towards a singular goal, getting all team members to provide input on how to achieve the goal, highlighting work that should be done and also what shouldn’t, and, creating a memorable hook to ensure the organizational change has legs. I have seen this work in real life, in my organization”. Peter Yin, Senior Vice President, FedEx Asia Pacific

McDonalds Best Company to Work For Rankings Influenced by their Blueprint

“McDonald’s ranking, in the ‘Best Companies to Work For’ ratings, moved from 47th (Before Blueprints) to 1st (After Blueprints).” Roz Sandham, HRD McDonald’s

Sun International Blueprint for Growth Rob Collins Quote

“Of the three million things I’ve ever done in the corporate environment, this was by far the most valuable.” Rob Collins, COO Sun International

Ready to see the same kind of transformation take place in your organisation?