Through Guy’s Eyes – Dare to be Different

Dare to be Different

From the moment we’re born, we’re told that we’re special. We’re told this so often, in fact, that the thought that others may experience the same intensity of emotions, or may have talent comparable to our own, is simply incomprehensible.

We believe this of the things we make and do, too. Because we’re special, everything we do must be special too – right? The companies we work for, their products – special, irreplaceable, impossible to replicate.

But no, there is absolutely nothing out there today which is entirely unique or singular. You’ve created a marvellous product that’s going to change the way people live? How amazing. That’s exactly what Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick, founders of Uber thought – and then along came Taxify. It’s only a matter of time until your product or service is copied and commoditised.

It’s time to face up to the fact that what you do is never going to be exceptional. Your company will never stand out for producing a superior item. You can’t rely on its quality, its rareness, or any other distinguishing characteristic, to become your central differentiator – because if you can make something, so can others. It’s how you do it that makes all the difference. And, even more profound than this: why you do it.

The most successful companies today haven’t earned this status because of what they do. They’re in the stratosphere because they’ve managed to create a superstructure that integrates what they do with how and why – and the result makes them unstoppable.

In contrast, the companies that are lagging behind are those which have been reluctant to focus on anything beyond “sticking to their knitting” – and their tropophobia, or fear of change, has ironically led to their demise.

Create a sub-structure, supported by your ‘why’, meld it with a superstructure that sets a guide for how you’re going to do it – and then get going.

What you do commoditises over time, whereas how you do it is your ultimate differentiator.

Let us show you how.

    Guy Martin is the founder & Managing Director of Blueprints: assisting CEOs to drive growth by increasing the alignment of their people to business goals by 50% within an 18 month period.