Through Guy’s Eyes – A Leap of Faith

A Leap of Faith

These are dark days for South African organisations, indeed. Or are they?

I’m not for an instant pretending that our current situation isn’t terrifying. It feels beyond difficult and disheartening, and downright impossible to maintain operations in an environment which seemingly doesn’t support the work you do. As far as Maslow’s Hierarchy is concerned, if we’re operating in survival mode, we can’t climb beyond the first rung – so, how on earth can we strive for more?

Although this mindset is entirely understandable, I’d like to point out that there have been scores of instances in South Africa’s past where it seemed as though there were no plausible solutions, and that our society had just taken a step into the abyss. Who can forget the confusion and pain following the 1976 riots; PW Botha’s ‘Rubicon’ speech; Zuptagate? And yet, each time, the country has successfully found its way back from the edge.

Here’s my answer: We keep striving because it’s simply what we do. Because the alternative just isn’t viable. More than that, because it’s through striving for more that we’ll be able to overcome challenges which, right now, feel insurmountable.

Remember that, the next time you’re tempted to give in to anxiety and the ‘wait and see’ inertia that it provokes. And instead of surrendering, look for the opportunity – because you can be sure they’re there. Remember that, as your industry peers founder and flail, this is your time for reinvention and renewal. Build a Formula to accelerate your business up the hierarchy strata.

Let us show you how.

    Guy Martin is the founder & Managing Director of Blueprints: assisting CEOs to drive growth by increasing the alignment of their people to business goals by 50% within an 18 month period.