Through Guy’s Eyes – Survival of the Quickest

Survival of the Quickest

We’re living in an age of survival of the quickest.

I’ve written enough about the hazards of thinking we can operate in the same way as we did two months ago. That being a given, what now?

The future will be one of forced entrepreneurship, regardless of the organisation’s size. New value creation will be everything, and all your people will have to know exactly how they can contribute to these redefined objectives. They will need to be included in the co-creation of a new business Formula, the DNA of which will be unfamiliar to everyone. But, that’s the whole point; the economic landscape will be unfamiliar for some time. And if transformation is not effectively implemented, you’ll look so March 2020 – which means…. well, you know what that means!

We can’t look for certainty, but we can look to behaviours. Tolerance of dead wood is over, and passengers cannot be allowed to board your new flight into the future. Speed of decision making, including the decentralised autonomous empowerment of your people, will be the most opportune way to outstrip your competitors – who may or may not even be in the game.

So, it’s time to think big and confront our memories. Old habits die hard and the default setting will be biased towards the stickiness of the past. To breakthrough into a whole new realm will require a leadership rethink and rapid implementation of a higher order of doing things. That requires a balance between logic and magic – the art of business science – along with a profoundly structured accountability system to guarantee irreversible change and transformation.

Within six weeks, you can codify a whole new business philosophy.

Let us show you how.

    Guy Martin is the founder & Managing Director of Blueprints: assisting CEOs to drive growth by increasing the alignment of their people to business goals by 50%