Safety Officers: If safety is everyone’s responsibility, why does it feel as though it’s your responsibility alone

BP HSSE Blueprints Formula for Safety Success

When it comes to creating a safe environment, great companies leave nothing to chance and look for ways to incorporate a Safety II mindset into their existing systems and procedures.

A sound safety mindset benefits the entire organisation, but it needs to incorporate not only an analysis of the things not to do, but also ensure that as many things as possible go right and succeed under varying conditions.  It’s your most powerful tool for preventing pain, injury (or worse) for workers. For employers, it means that efficiencies are enhanced and less hours are lost to absenteeism.

Practically, in everyday situations, a mixture of safety I and safety II protocols are employed. They take into account the working conditions, the skills and experience of the individuals , the complexity of the machinery etc. There are very few models currently available that can measure these variables in a proactive manner.

We can assist to mathematically codify the company’s future safety I and safety II philosophies,  infuse fresh cultures into these philosophies and ensure measurable transformation towards these philosophies.

Guided by our clients’ future Safety goals, we engage with their leadership and all their employees to co-create their organisation’s future Safety-I and Safety-II frameworks in mathematical Formulas, convert them into art galleries and – through measurements, action plans and accountability metrics – assure true and sustainable transformation for enhanced Safety-I and Safety-II integration.