CEO Guy Martin Introduces Blueprints

EY CEO Ajen Sita Introduces Our EY

CEO Johan van Zyl introduces the Sanlam Blueprint

CEO Thiru Pillay Introduces The Deloitte Consulting Blueprint

How the Deloitte Consulting Formula was created

The Blueprint containing all of the elements of The Deloitte Consulting Formula for Success

Blueprints – The Art of Business Science. Your Business. Defined in Mathematics. Expressed in Art. Measured in Statistics. Lived in Culture.

Jeremy Mansfield Talks Organisational Dynamics with Greg Shankland and Gill Hofmeyer

Ex Deloitte Consulting CEO Louis Geeringh discusses the direct correlation between their Blueprint and financial results.

Hellen Sully, Head of Business Transformation for Kier (UK) tells us how Blueprints allowed the business to crowdsource a common language to drive performance and engagement.

EY Africa’s introductory video inviting all employees to help build it’s Blueprint for the Future to become the best firm for doing business in Africa.

Publicis Asia CEO Calvin Soh acting in a skit as Kim Jong-il to represent the old school way to build a brand and organisation – regimental, hierarchical and dictatorial. We then learn the new Blueprint for building a brand, through co-creation and everyone having a say.

The Murray & Roberts Cementation First Choice Formula – Measurement & Feedback.

Peter Brynes, MD of KBM (UK) discusses how their Blueprint lets employees know that the business is listening to them and how they can influence it to improve its strengths and reduce its weaknesses.

The launch of the Comair (a British Airways Franchisee) Blueprint for Success. Employees acted in industrial theatre and performed skits to illustrate the concepts in their Blueprint in a memorable way.

To become the First Choice clients make when choosing a mining contractor, Murray & Roberts Cementation embarked on a process with all its people to co-create a Blueprint for Success.

Employee Induction Video to illustrate concepts in the IQ Business Group Australia Blueprint for Success.

Sanlam’s introductory video inviting all employees to help co-create its Blueprint for success to redefine and grow the organisation.

CEO Eric Venter at the launch of the Comair Blueprint for Success. Eric takes us through each element in the Blueprint, which is represented by artwork which helps to make the concepts memorable.

The meaning of each principle in the Murray & Roberts Cementation First Choice Formula.

The EY Advisory MENA Blueprint to become the number one consultancy and employer of choice in each of its markets.

The Builders Warehouse Blueprint for Success – What Each Principle Means.

Teaser video inviting all employees to begin the journey to discover the Plascon Blueprint for Success.

A teaser campaign inviting all employees get involved and co-create the South African National Blood Services Blueprint for Success.

CEO Marc Lagesse unveils the Hertshten Group Blueprint for Success.

How the BCX Formula to reinvent its customer experience was created.

The dictionary which defines what each element in the BCX Blueprint to reinvent the customer experience means.

Explainer video educating employees on how to participate in the measurement of the BCX Formula for Success.

Greg Solomon, CEO of McDonalds South Africa takes us through the Phumalela Blueprint for Success.