Your Formula for Growth

Disengaged Employee

We assist CEOs to drive growth by increasing alignment of their people to their change objectives by 50% within an 18 month period.  By engaging with all your employees, we

  • assist to co-create a Formula of what your ‘Victory looks like’
  • bring the Formula alive visually to keep it top-of-mind for all and
  • through gaps analyses, shift mind-sets & procedures towards your ideal future state
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Our customers intuitively knew that that their people were not fully on board. In fact, Gallup’s stats show that globally less than 20% of employees are engaged – the balance are either disengaged or actively disengaged. Your situation may be more or less dire, but you are almost certain to be dissatisfied with the current levels of employee commitment to your business. They are after all, only human!

These dysfunctionalities will clearly hold your organization back – the intangible liabilities in your ‘Invisible Balance Sheet’ – and, if not decisively addressed, will keep your business in a sub-optimal state.

The Blueprints Method™ uses a one-of-a-kind journey to align all your people to address these challenges, inspire your people and align them to where you want to go in such a way that they become co-owners of your goals. It is a whole-brain approach, using mathematics and art to build a visual formula that quickly pulls everything together for a long-term, sustainable winning journey into the future.